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Computer Clinic
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  • Do you have a problem with your PC?

  • Want to learn about email and the internet?

  • Puzzled by broadband or wireless networking?

  • Want to keep your costs down?

  • Worried about viruses, trojans, spyware, cookies, botnets or SPAM?

Get help from local residents Dik & Joy Allison who have over 65 years professional IT experience between them.

Dik is available to help sort out problems with computers and people are be invited to bring their laptop if that is the offending item. He will try to fix the problem in return for a donation to the Village Hall - as an out patient if possible. If it requires more time he will give it in patient care . Alternatively he will give the owner his assessment of the problem so that they know who else they can take it to or what they need to do to solve the problem e.g. buy additional memory, upgrades or software.

Dik is also able to advise on networking problems and Broadband, although it may not be possible to do this without a visit to the premises in question. A donation to Village Hall funds would be required for this.

Both Dik and Joy are willing to help individuals or groups with specific computer use issues e.g.:

  • backups and not losing your work in other ways!

  • getting photos off the camera and saving them where you can find them

  • organising work on the computer

  • producing cards and invitations, or individually numbered tickets

  • using email and the internet.

The Village Hall has broadband and owns a laptop, projector and screen (kept off the premises), which are available to demonstrate points to groups or to enable individuals without their own computer to have a go on one.

Contact Dik Allison on 01777 871171 or email